For military using, we usually use for target location, artillery correction, aerial reconnaissance, regional surveillance, war sentiment assessment, mapping, communication relay, information transfer network node, electronic reconnaissance, electronic countermeasure, battlefield inhibit, ground attacks, air-intercept, air dog fights and etc. We provide UAV equipment export and flight test and mapping service.

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Product Overview
Tianying-3A fixed-wing UAV is a kind of gasoline engine drive UAV. It can carry optics load and longtime patrol and survey of highway, mountains and canyon and long but narrow way; and survey the lake, highland, forest and other large area in reciprocating and point-way. It also can carry HD division, HD digital camera, infrared camera and etc. which are used for low altitude image recording and large area and scene aerial photo view. If it takes weather sensor, it can do weather detection.

Product feature:
1 Small volume, low weight, easy to take?
2 Strong capacity of load, long endurance?
3 Low fuel consumption, low package cost?
4 Adaptable, carrying various kinds of mission load, have the capability of multiple mission

Main technical parameter:

Flight platform

Take-off weight


Mission loads


Cruising speed


Cruising altitude


Observe and control radius




Take-off and Land way


Ground System

System deployment time


System folding time


Working Environment

Wind resistance capacity


Rain resistance capacity

Light rain

Storage temperature

-40c?span lang="EN-US">+55c

Operating temperature

-20c?span lang="EN-US">+50c