Interactive Games means the viewer can participate in the games, including simulated design, virtual balls, 360° imaging, multiplayer game and other entertainment games.

Interactive Games can experience space experiment, earthquake experience and we provide the turnkey solution of these production.

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In this system, the player stands on the green field.


1、Virtual Football


Virtual Football


2、Virtual Ping-pong

Virtual Ping-pong


The virtual Ping-pong is one of the most attractive viewer’s man-machine interactive games. The viewer only needs hand or foot swing the position of racket and then viewer can play with the virtual opponent on the screen. The viewer also can attack with opponents in the monitor.  According to the viewer’s strength, they can choose simple, middle class, expert form to fight. If there is too much difference of strength, you can choose strike in the middle of match. This virtual ping-pong’s practice effect is the same as the real competition and the only difference with the real competition is you do not need pick up the ball. The unique enjoyment, sense of participation of personally on the scene arouses professional audience’s great interest. This project not only wins the common viewer’s favor, but also wins the operator’s welcome by its innovation and earnings idea.




3、Virtual Basketball

Virtual Basketball


It projects the shoot background on the wall through interactive projector system. When someone stands on the corresponding position to touch the basketball lightly, the basketball in the image will fly out of the strike direction; in the screen corner it has timer and score machine and the viewer could take part in many times.




4、Virtual Tennis

Virtual Tennis