Interactive Games means the viewer can participate in the games, including simulated design, virtual balls, 360° imaging, multiplayer game and other entertainment games.

Interactive Games can experience space experiment, earthquake experience and we provide the turnkey solution of these production.

Virtual Football
In this system, the player stands on the green field.   1、Virtual Football   Virtual Football   2、Virtual Ping-pong Virtual Ping-pong   The virtual Ping-pong is one of the most attractive viewer’s man-machine interactive games. The viewer only needs hand or foot swing the position of racket and then viewer can play with the virtual opponent on the screen. The viewer also can attack with opponents in the monitor.  According to the viewer’s strengt

Full dome
  Product Introduction  Interior projection dome technology is a kind of new emerging technology. It breaks past projection image limitation only with plane regular graphics, using special optical lenses for special changing of plane image; it does the special changing of common plane image and projects into a global screen; it can form an interior global image. It can play various kinds of image after video changing and the global looks like a fiction crystal ball which could attra

Simulated shooting and boating
1、Simulated shooting   Virtual shooting system is through HD digital projector to project all kinds of real environment on the screen; whatever ever-changing target or crowded enemies, subduction fighter; the shooter holds the rhth and seizes the moment to shoot it fast; on the training of marksmanship, accurating aim, finding the shooting sense to receive the happiness of victory. The whole system has the advantage of realistic picture, dynamic and excited, around stereo, the co

Interactive Answer
  In order to in-depth advertising popular science and science and technology knowledge, if we only play video with pure knowledge or writing words, the advertisement effects will be greatly discounted; So it designs competitiveness and question answering form of participation; Integrated pleasure, intelligence and reaction into this process, the viewer will have the deep memory and understanding of knowledge.   System Constitute Buzzer:The audience who participate the activity thr

Multitouch Interaction
    Product Introduction Differ from traditional single-point touch screen, multi touch screen’s most striking feature is it can be controlled with two hands, more fingers even more people to operate the screen content. It can play video, zoom in and out pictures, support max 32 interaction points which is more convenient and humanized.  

360°Spectra Vision
  Type A Type B Type C     Product Introduction 360°spectra vision system make 3D image suspend imaging in the midair, build the imaginary and real surrounding. The effects are quite peculiar with strong depth and illusory. The cabin is fashionable and beautiful, high tech. All around the top is transparent and the real space imaging is characterized by features that bright in color, high contrast ratio and definition, with sense of space and perspective. I