Interactive Games means the viewer can participate in the games, including simulated design, virtual balls, 360° imaging, multiplayer game and other entertainment games.

Interactive Games can experience space experiment, earthquake experience and we provide the turnkey solution of these production.

Anti-seismic Construction
Product Introduction Through board and dynamic model, it can demonstrate engineer defensive measures, such as building reinforce model, various anti-seismic fortify model,  and nowadays newest anti-seismic construction achievement; the US San Francisco City Hall, the foundation support by ball and when the earthquake comes, it can resist the transverse wave shaking.  

Earthquake Experience Room
Product Introduction Through real room, hydraulic motion platform, control station and auxiliary video and sound system, all of them form a stereo earthquake environment. The viewer could be with the environment together, and then it can demonstrate the whole process of earthquake. The viewer could feel the earthquake truly and learn how to escape from earthquake and knowledge of self rescue.  

Earthquake Escaping
Product Introduction Building a room with living room and restroom, the viewer can experience the escaping from earthquake. When it sends the signal, the wall which made in the special material will collapse when the earthquake happens. If the people in the room cannot avoid correctly, the wall will be felled on the body (this wall is safe). Only according to correct prompt of display boards, the viewer in the room can escape.   

Earthquake Disaster Theater
Earthquake Disaster Theater Product introduction: Through spectra vision theater to display the process of how earthquake happen, let people feel the thrilling scene of earthquake happen and engrave his mind the traumas the earthquake takes.