Interactive Games means the viewer can participate in the games, including simulated design, virtual balls, 360° imaging, multiplayer game and other entertainment games.

Interactive Games can experience space experiment, earthquake experience and we provide the turnkey solution of these production.

Lunar Base
  Product Introduction Building a environment which includes lunar surface environment, lunar crater, starry sky background and people feel they are really at there.  

How to fly to outer space
    Product introduction: In an airtight sphere putting relative position model of eight planets, the planet shine through daylight lamp and surrounding is the background of universe and starry sky. According to the Voyager detector model, sending from earth, through the gravity springboard theory of each planet to detect the planet and the viewer could see the operating process of planet through the outside window. 

Space Station Simulator
  Product Introduction Producing two module sections of space station and adapter module model, people could know of the living module function of space station, space testing function, equipment module function, instrument function, space observation function and etc., to composite as a whole with spacecraft simulation, landing on the moon simulation, planet detection simulation.  

The Mars Detection Simulation System
    Product Introduction Through the Mars sand table and the Mars rover, the Mars rover detection structure, operation structure, closed circuit TV system, projection system which moves on the Mars sand table, people could know of the composition of Mars detection system and detection theory.  

The Formation of Black Hole
  Product Introduction Through stellar model, controllable light in the model and projection image, it can know of the stellar forming process which is more than 30 times of solar mass and consists of main sequence star era, red giant era, supernova explosion.  

Aerospace Mission Specialist Role Simulation
  Product Introduction Several people consist of aerospace expert group, to act different role respectively, flight vehicle design expert, rocket design expert, flight orbit design expert, task execution expert. The expert team choose flight mission, decompose task, choosing spacecraft, choosing orbit, choosing rocket launcher. Then each acts in his own way to coordinate and fulfill a task.  

Spacecraft and Space Station Rendezvous and Docking
   Product Introduction Producing shenzhou spacecraft and space station simulator, using control technology, simulation technology and virtual technology let visitor know of spacecraft and space station rendezvous and docking operation process and theory.  

Shenzhou Spacecraft Simulator
    Product Introduction  The visitor wear space suit enters into shenzhou spacecraft. From visual, hearing and touching, all-round way to experience from ready for launch, launch levitation, earth orbital flight, return to landing, the whole flight process supply a real spacecraft simulation environment for visitor to experience real space travel and  know of flight around the earth aerospace technology.  

Cosmic velocity of flying to space
  Producing earth model, sun model, rear projector imaging system, learning the related knowledge of first cosmic velocity, second cosmic velocity, third cosmic velocity and flight theory of launcher.